Hardwood and Softwood structural timber.
Strong and dimensionally stable softwood structural pine for wall frames and roof trusses. Hardwood for bearers, joists, lintels, windows.

There are two kinds of structural timber products that are used predominantly in Australia: hardwood and softwood. Structural hardwood timbers are predominantly used for bearers, joists and load bearing sections in general construction such as lintels or windows. Kiln dried hardwood is structurally graded to ensure it is strong and dimensionally stable.

Kiln dried hardwood products do not shrink and twist as much as unseasoned timbers. This helps to eliminate the squeaks under timber floors or the cracks in plaster walls and ceilings. Softwood structural timbers are manufactured from kiln dried Radiata Pine. Structural Pine is also strong and dimensionally stable and used for wall frames and roof trusses. Structural Pine produced in Australia is cost effectively lightweight and easy to install.

Like hardwood, Structural Pine is stress graded to ensure that its load bearing capability is suitable to comply with the Building Code of Australia.